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track ten – #shortsinnovember


Well, reader, I have landed. I moved myself, my shoes and my large collection of coffee table books to sunny San Diego. In preparation for the cold harsh weather of San Diego (read: sunny) I decided to grow a beard.


that’s me in front

There are a few other factors involved in this decision that I won’t go into ::cough:: a love interest ::cough:: because, well, Mixtape Luxury isn’t about ME it’s about YOU reader.

Fuck if that’s true, Mixtape.

Um. I.

Well, like I was saying…Mixtape Luxury is about me but FOR you. How about that? Oh and it’s No shave November or something…right?


I feel like we have this ongoing trend where I try to talk about something and then you just get in the way, reader. So, I’m going to just block you out. Anyway, I didn’t even want to talk about my beard it’s just super itchy right now.

Oh lord! Mixtape, Mixtape, Mixtape.

George Glass?



Anyway, I’ve finally settled in. I’ve also realized that the convenience of New York is definitely something to be missed. Oh and that love interest I told you about up there…that’s something (one? thing?)  to be missed as well. That and all my friends. And the restaurants. And the Sunday night dance offs at the Elixir Lounge. But besides all that I really have to say that a phone call from one of my nearest and dearests really helped it sink in to a place of utter rock in the pit of my stomache-dom.

Ring ring (my phone is always on silent, but let’s just pretend…shall we?)

Well, hello there!

Who are you planning on getting manicures with out there?!

Um. I. Um…I dunno

Just tell me! It’s ok. I can handle it.

Just an aside – this conversation probably wasn’t as dramatic as the punctuation has lead you to believe, however I like the drama and I think it’s fitting for such a topic. Don’t you?



Now, where were we? Oh yes…

I mean, I’ll probably only get them with my mom or maybe my sister when she’s here?

Ok, I think that’s fine. I figured as much. That’s all. CLICK

So she hung up on me just like that, reader. Can you not understand why that would make me just yearn for the city?

Not really, sounds kinda stressful.

EXACTLY. The energy is just so intense. I’m unraveling at the seams here. And it’s only been a week and a half. I really have to get my buttons (wits) reinforced or something…but I don’t even know where to find a tailor.

Why don’t you just yelp it?

Yelp lies. Don’t you think I’ve tried that!? I yelped spin studios and ended up at a soul cycle wannabe studio crying for my knees and all the poor people hitting RPMs (revolutions per minute) over 150 while holding onto the handle with only ONE HAND! ONE HAND!!!!!!! What?! I did it because I didn’t want to look like a loser, but on the inside I was screaming. I should have known it was all going downhill when the instructor said “Are you sure you want to be in the front row? We do LOTS of choreography” (SCREAMING INSIDE)

Deep breathes, Mixtape. Deep, deep breathes.

It’s like you care or something, reader.

Don’t get carried away, Mixxy.



Ok, so to sum all this shit up for you I want to point out some very valuable information that you might not have gleamed from this little rant/post or prosant. No one ever tells you that climate change can really devalue the hundreds of dollars you’ve spent of facial moisturizers; and quite frankly, beards are itchy but sometimes they save just the right amount of food to get you through the day.

Dead. We’re dead.




track nine – self(ie) reflection


I’ve been reverse weening myself back onto technology. Why, you ask? Well, I just partook in a 5 day tech cleanse of infinite proportions. It wasn’t your typical, eff-my-phone-I’m-gonna-put-it-on-silent-and-pretend-that-I’m-not-going-to-check-my-Instagram-feed tech cleanse…it was an EFF-MY-PHONE-I’m-buying-a-journal-and-texting-my-soul-with-a-felt-tip-pen-on-featherweight-paper-and-leaving-the-world-behind-for-5-days tech cleanse.

Enter Little Palm Island – the type of place one goes to do said tech cleanse. It was pretty gorge, reader. Like, if you died and went to heaven but heaven was still on earth and then you had to take a plane, car and boat to get there because your angel wings broke down on the BQE…well that’s what this place is. A place to “get lost” (psssst that’s their catchphrase). I literally left my phone at home, turned off my work BB (it decided to never turn back on after that…mad much, BB?) and left the iPad charging on muh bed (thank gee ohh dee that my house didn’t burn down). People were shocked, reader. Like, they couldn’t handle the fact that I was traveling without a phone.

It really isn’t safe, mixtape.

Yeah, right, our parents used to do that ish all the time! In fact, when my Dad was a little boy he thought a cell phone was something a locked up thug had to use to call his defense attorney.

Let’s talk about the average day on LPI -> I don’t like this acronym, but my fingers haven’t adjusted back to touchscreen life and I need to take all the shortcuts I can. No no reader, I still refuse to acknowledge “LOL” as an acronym; for me, anyone who texts that to me just left off the lipop of lollipop. Take note.  I just don’t think you’re laughing out loud when you’re texting me that you “left your stove on” or “are not off work until 8″.

Ok, back to the time when I didn’t have to worry about ROTFLMAO because there were SO many bugs on the floor (the one thing I did not particularly enjoy about LPI) and no one was getting near the floor. No-see-ums = life ruiners…so thank G I was in heaven already, right?

You aren’t/weren’t dead, mixxy.

Reader. Stop.

I keep on getting sidetracked and confused, lol. AHHHHHHHH.

I haven’t accomplished much since I started telling you about my tech cleanse so let’s just start over, but not really because I think we’ve grown a lot together since the top of this post. Ok. So. A tech cleanse is all about surrendering to yourself. Being ok with being alone and not bouncing ideas off of everyone you know via Facebook (like me), Instagram (follow me), texts (like hell, I’m giving you my phone number, reader)…this sentence is contradictory to my message. I just took some time to be alone and figure my shit out. It worked too. I got clarity, remember that song? And I am now gearing up for a major life change. No, no reader I’m not even validating your snarky thoughts anymore. I’m moving back to San Diego. My wings are still in the shop (eff the BQE) so muh best bud and I will be driving XCNTRY (my fingers, remember?) and spending more money on gas and food than 2 round trip airline tickets. We’re doing it for the memories. Those are priceless(ish).

I’m going to cut to the pictures now. I’m having trouble focusing (PUN) on the matter at hand which is telling you that tech cleanses are the new juice cleanses. I left Little Palm Island (the fings are BACK!!!!!) with a sense of self understanding that doesn’t come via text or email or hashtag. I have since promised myself to journal on a daily basis and maintain the connection to myself that was pretty tough to streamline. So, reader, as we embark on a new journey together I’m going to look forward to sharing my new life with you. The old one is super cute and fall-y right now thanks to Raven Adams and the streets of Astoria (not a band, but should be), but the new one is taking its own pictures with a canon powershot set to self timer jammed between two palm fronds. What can I say, being alone has its struggles. I missed you reader, your sass gets me all hot and bothered.

You’re welcome for the visual. I sweat a lot.





track eight – Gluten and other odd words finally defined


Ok, so I saw this is the end over the weekend with my brother and if you knew my brother it would blow your mind that A.) he saw this movie and B.) it was his idea. I’m going to tell you about this one bit at the beginning that really epitomizes my life…in a funnyish way(?). It has been the focus of many reviews that actually give the movie credit for being smunny (that’s smart and funny joined together in sweet marital bliss…duh) Anyway, basically Seth Rogan describes gluten as “anything that is bad for you” in an argusation (argument + conversation…duh, again) that he’s having with Jay Baruchel. Jay accuses him of only partaking in this gluten free diet because someone told him it was cool and not really even knowing what gluten was…hence the description “anything bad.”

So I have a confession. I know what gluten is. Like, actually, reader. Oh and I’ve been accused of the same things that Seth was multiple times. By the same person.

Stop it. You’re being smunny…aren’t you?

Reader, can we talk about how you just used one of my “words?”

Nope. Definitely not. Low point in my (our) life.

My good friend once asked me if I would guide him through a gluten free lifestyle. We shun the word diet in the GFC (Gluten Free Community) because it really isn’t a diet…it’s something that a lot of us have to do because the big G (gluten…DUH) makes us feel all types of nasty inside. Anyway, I received texts like “is there gluten in Orange Juice” and “no, I haven’t googled gluten yet” from said friend and I figured I would set the record straight before more people got confused.

The drums have preemptively started rolling so I guess that’s my cue!

Gluten is a protein found in many grains, especially wheat, that gives elasticity to dough and gives the final product that special chew. Did I mention that Gluten means glue in Latin?

The Elmers of Nature, Mixtape?

That isn’t even smunny. That’s Smross (smart + gross…a stretch…duh!)

What’s the point of all this gluten talk?

I’m glad you asked, because I was getting a little tangenty (tangent + y…you’re exhausting, reader) and I want to get to the point already because my fings (fingers – er) are getting tired. So the point is this; I think being gluten free is great and I implore you to give it a try, by all means please explore the idea of living without the “chew or glu(t)e(n).” But if you are simply going to be gluten free because it’s a trend I at least want you to know what gluten is…oh, and if we’re having an FYI moment, taking gluten out of my diet changed my life in so many ways. So maybe you can take the Mixtape Luxury GFLC (Gluten Free Lifestyle Challenge) and “cut it out” Joey from Full House style (REMEMBER THAT?!?!) for a month and see how it changes your life. Report back here. I’ll stay tuned, I promise.

jump for joy, Mixtape is here!

track seven – If I were 38, this would be my Theory


I have a theory about workout clothes. I mean, at first I was that person who was like “I refuse to wear anything but dirty old clothes that I hate to the gym!” This was also, because I never went to the gym – see track two for proof. So then when I started going to the gym in my old dirty hate clothes I realized that this pretty much made everyone around me hate me. I swear reader, most of the time when you go to the gym people really don’t care what you wear or what you do – the biggest and best ah-ha moment I’ve ever had – but those clothes I wore…pure hatred. Cut to my mild obsession with Lululemon and well, I don’t want to go into it because I’m currently on the 4th step of the Lululemon Addicts Anonymous (LAA) program. Anyway, I’m sweating a little, I have since come to terms with my need, or lack there of, of a good sweat wicking sleeveless tee for my workouts. Did I mention that the first sentence of this post was a major allusion to what I’m about to write about? No? Well, it was, reader so pay better attention!

Imagine a man, overcome with a closet full of Lulu searching for a new way to look good while staying active. Close your eyes and see him walking through the meatpacking district, still determined to spend his Louboutin store credit, and all of a sudden watch him walk into the perfectly windexed glass of the Theory flagship store on Gansevort Street. Stop your laughing, reader, we’re doing visualization work and the room needs to stay peaceful. Damn it, you ruined it with your mockery of said man’s innate ability to get very distracted by translucent jackets.

Translucent Distractions
Kutt Cycling Tank // Flipp Skiff Hooded Lightweight Jacket

Theory has always been my go-to for perfectly tailored (without the need for a tailor) clothing. It seriously just fits a body good. Maybe just my body, but I guess we could pretend that we’re still working on visualizations…pretend reader, pretend!

I’ve noticed you’ve been pretty silent during this post, reader, is everything ok?

Reader? Hello?!

Oh. You fell asleep during our visualization work. Damn you Lululemon and your comfy yoga mats! Damn you!!!!!

Theory just dropped their new urban workout collection Theory 38 that has me literally walking into glass (this didn’t actually happen, but I promise that it can and most likely will at some point).  I picked up some of the key pieces and have been living in them, and praying for casual Fridays at work in them as well.

Thumbs up for side zippers
Tornt Rowing Sweatshirt

On your mark, get set, see through!

NB: Lululemon still plays a major part in my fight to be fit so even though I’m stepping (AEROBICS!!!) through the LAA program I still have major lurve for the Canadian company. MAJOR. LURVE. (ps that means Love…)

Photos by Raven Adams Photography

track six – I’m N Luv wit (some T-Bell)


I sat down in front of my computer with every intention of writing a really inspirational post about my healthy eating habits – like how I like to craft vegan spreads out of sprouted cashews and organic spices to put on my turkey sandwiches (I was confused too)…or how I mix 0% fat greek yogurt with salsa and dip endive in it (only when I’m feeling fahncy, of course). Then I got to thinking about places like Taco Bell, and well, Taco Bell and how much I crave that beast of a fast food chain. Then I started dreaming of all the things that are bad for me and I cried a little because Cadbury Cream Egg season is over, but I also just found out that the french fries at Uno’s are NOT gluten free. It just hurts, ok? Meanwhile I’ve been salivating all over my blue Revolve hoodie as I’ve been sipping on my Cashew Hemp Mylk from Organic Avenue – the sixth juice from their one-day Spring Cleanse series. Juice is no Taco Bell, reader…then the gears in my head started really spinning (so many puns, so much time). I was thinking about how the crap that I like to eat is just another thing keeping me from my hashtag dreams (#sixpackbysummer…duhhhh) and also it’s a pretty amazing metaphor for how all this crap that we deal with in our everyday lives can really just keep us from being our truest selves. Ok, so I have to admit that this has been a pretty ramble-y introduction to my feature but I wanted you to be in the mind of a one-day cleanser. Sometimes your brain just doesn’t work the way it does on Taco Bell. Especially when all you have are liquids to keep you sane.

Get to it already, cleanseface!

Reader! Was that necessary? Pssssst. Rhetorical question.

Enter Donna Barnes, my newest obsession in the world of self help authors. She’s kind of inspired me to kick all forms of junk to the curb, and quite frankly my curb hasn’t been this messy for a while. Donna Barnes is a life and relationship coach who stole my idea of comparing relationships to junk food…clearly I’m joking Donna…I’ll see you in court! (Please bring Taco Bell). Here are a few bullet points from her brand new book Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships / Recipes for Healthy Choice that really spoke to me.

  • Recognize and stop destructive dating habits
  • Spot and avoid waving junk-food (red) flags
  • Distinguish true love from true lust
  • Tell if you’re in a bad relationship and how to call it quits
  • Be comfortable being alone, and
  • Handle rejection gracefully

Honestly reader, Donna really nailed it in her book. I mean, first of all, everyone can relate to the junk food metaphor. It’s kind of genius, that’s why I’m super stoked that I thought of it. I wish I thought of it, reader. I really do.

I’ll leave you with this, reader. If I were to write a song about this book it would probably be to the tune of I’m N Luv (wit a stripper) and it would be entitled I’m N Luv wit (some T-Bell and then I Realized that the Meat Inside Those Tacos isn’t Meat at all). Read the book, reader. It’s what you do best…reading.

Giving Up Junk Food Relationships Front CoverBuy it HERE and tell D that Mixtape sent you.


track five – Teach Me How to Cycle


So, reader, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and how I really really want to write something meaningful for you to jam to. I mean, I could write about my new shorts, my old Louboutins that died and resurrected as a neat store credit for me to play with or maybe I could write about my favorite gluten free spots in the city. Instead I’ve decided to take the momentum of a guest post I wrote for my nearest and dearest sweat inducing indoor cycling studio Revolve and expand on it. I’ve held off on writing about this for quite some time (4.5 posts…a long time in blogland) and it’s really because I have no words for the amazingness that has come from the hands er um wheels of Revolve. I also decided that my love would best be presented in an ode…and how do I ode (yup, it’s a verb now) to anything you ask?

In a song. Or a rap. Or maybe my own special “spin” on the classic “Teach Me How To Dougie”

Yo, we like that song but it ain’t no classic, son!

I beg to differ reader. One of those people died fighting the good Dougie fight. That makes it a classic in my book.

P.S. If you want to actually use what you learned today leave a comment and I’ll supply you with a code to get a free ride at Revolve!

Get your #revolvelove on with this super soft tshirt! Only available at the studio.

Hoodies available in Blue and Grey.

Photos by Raven Adams Photography

track four – hunchback lunchpack


Ok. Okay. O.K. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I just hit you in the face with my gym bag but seriously there isn’t enough room for all three of us…you, me and Marc Jacobs…on this train. What the hell do you have in there, Paul? There you go, all sassy again. Paul, you just hit someone in the face with a huge bag of shit. We need answers.


A.) Always water. Always hydrate.
B.) Always an extra pair of socks and underwear (boxer briefs please!)
C.) Always moisturize. Always. face/neck/lips/eyes/other
D.) Always smell consistently good.
E.) Always reading. Now playing -> Double Life by Alan Shayne / Normal Sunshine
F.) Always missing something -> now resolving to (always?) pack my lunch for the day.

And the alphabet is finished. Wait, could you imagine if we only had six letters to work with? It would be hard. This blog wouldn’t exist. Although the word BED would so I’m pretty alright with that. God I need to sleep more…

6.5-8 hours later

I am feeling refreshed, reader. This post has been super beneficial for me. I realized a lot of things. Not only has my trusty Marc Jacobs gym bag been with me since 2007 and the loss of 30 pounds but HE/it has been a super great companion. Although this track is called hunchback lunchpack so I’m going to have to drop a beat about the bricks that I’m carrying around. We already spoke about my always essentials (links to all the goodies, provided up therrrrr) but what we didn’t talk about is the inspiration behind this post. Well, wha- READER! Give me a minute.

60 seconds later. No really, I took 60 seconds.


I saw this seamless add in the Union Square subway station and it made me laugh then cry and well then the whole episode with me and Marc getting into a fight with a hypothetical lady happened on the train. I was late, ok? I had just left spin. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that later. Bah. I’m cutting to the chase. I need to start bringing my lunch to work with me more slash I don’t bring it with me so I guess I should have just ended the sentence after “work with me.”

Technically you did, Paul.
Reader. I like you. Sometimes.

So reader, I’m going to challenge myself to keep you in the loop with a little tweet about what I’m making for lunch on a daily basis. It could be super fun for you. I make some really interesting things. Cut to Paul’s Tuna/Bruschetta Salad on lightly toasted gluten free bread.

Don’t knock it til you try it.

Knock knock
Who’s there?
We tried it.
We didn’t hate it, but you’re still pretty weird.


me and my man

me and my man

track three – bringontheNEON


It doesn’t come as a surprise that I found myself in the fashion industry. What with a mild shoe obsession and a penchant for spring/summer threads. I know, I know – black is THE uniform in NYC, but hey, I’ve always been a California boy at heart. There’s a Noreaster’ coming ya’ll, but I’ve already started dreaming of my new neons for spring.

Enter Bonobos’ new colored chinos! I am kind of living (or dying re: Celebrity Stylist gone reality star) for these right now. I love a good statement shoe, and since my transformation (back track, if you must) my statements have traveled into my clothing.  Stop the record (I’m sorrrrrrry, reader, it’s called Mixtape Luxury after all) I was always into colorful clothing, but maybe a more apropos statement could be now I can kind of pull it off without looking like a fat kid who “tripped” and fell into a trashcan full of leaky highlighters…damn you high school bullies! I will never forget. Can’t wait to see you at the 10 year with my new line of post-its (Neon, nonetheless)

Wow, so much happened in that last paragraph. What were we talking about? OH yeah…Bonobos.


Look guys (I actually just mean the men…ladies you can click on this link to my instagram and see these ahmahzing shoes from Fendi) Bonobos was founded on the idea that the way pants used to be made is not conducive to the way us men wear our pants these days. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Ok, ok I’m having trouble painting the picture I want to paint for you so I’m going to channel the brand and let them do the talking:

“We started Bonobos to solve a simple problem: men’s pants just don’t fit well. They’re either too tight to be comfortable or too baggy to look good. But by innovating in a few key areas, we’ve developed a fit that actually looks and feels great for a wide variety of men.”

I just placed my order; let me know if you decide to take the plunge into better fitting pants and head turning color (did I mention they’re only 88 dollahs?!). Seriously, guys (I mean ALL of you now) tweet me, instagram me, facebook me. Oh and you can always comment right here too. Loves that.

PS I’m all about spreading the blogger love, ch ch check out my west coast neon loving friend – Neon Chiffon


track two – Transformations


The 2nd track is always more important than the 1st on a Mixtape. It really needs to solidify the relationship the listener has with the collection of magical hand picked songs. I mean, the 1st track has to be killer, (rewind if you missed it) but the second track, well, it needs to move mountains.

Enter my 2nd track titled Transformations. Press play, let the beat take over and come on a journey with me.

Pre Mixtape Luxury I was more of a record playing at 33 RPMS. Oh and just so you know, a record that plays that slow kind of sounds like ish, unless you like that kind of thing (no one likes that kind of thing).

What does that mean Paul?
I like when I pretend that you’re asking questions, reader!
Ok, so really Paul, what does that mean?

Well, it means that I was not taking care of myself – physically, emotionally or mentally. I was at the bottom of the 5 for $5 CD bin.

Pictures! I’ll explain with pictures!


240 pounds of orange shirt loving, center parting, Paul

240 pounds of orange shirt loving, center hair parting, Paul

High gloss faceHigh sugar content My date = lucky

High gloss face
High sugar content
My date = LUCKY


It's my birthdayA look like a gorilla I'm standing with a man in a gorilla suit I'm holding a cheesecake

It’s my birthday
I look like a gorilla
I’m standing with a man in a gorilla suit
I’m holding a cheesecake

Ok, we get it, but enough with the music metaphors Paul.
Wow, Reader, you just got really comfortable, didn’t you?
(crickets, crickets)

Long story short I’ve whipped myself into shape, taken control of my life and have really determined what I want it to be. So going back to track one aka my first post, this blog is really all about that.

Along my journey I grew to love fashion and the way one can make such a statement with it. I grew (or shrank) to love staying active and taking better care of my body AND I grew to love myself.

Keep on listening guys; it’s going to really get exciting.

Present dayKeep on pressing play

Present day
Keep on pressing play

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